IONKOSHER is a global directory featuring only Jewish business and professional Jewish services.  IONKOSHER prides itself on creating the fastest way for travelers to find kosher restaurants, kosher travel, and Jewish businesses while on the go.                                                                              

Our easy-to-use platform makes it very simple to search and find business near you by simply clicking Near Me.  Alternatively, there are multiple other search methods such as: By meat restaurants, dairy restaurants, country/nationality style of food, by food name such as pizza, falafel, shawarma, sushi etc., by location, city, state, or country, by business name, ambiance or price range.


To advertise your business on Google or any other search engine is very expensive and for every time someone clicks on your business link, you get charged for that too.

We made our website extremely user friendly for the busy business people. You can create your own personal “WEBSITE” & business profiles in minutes using our platform free of charge.

You will be able to “Easily” fallow our step by step instruction or use our web designer Obsoletely free of charge. This alone will save you from #1- Paying for your own web designer and #2- the high monthly costs to upload and publish your website to be on air 24/7 year-round. And most importantly you’ll be able to edit your website at any time in minutes without any costs to you.

Your website will have a step by step driving direction directly to your location, it will have your hours of operation, your menu, you can post events and so much more at a fraction of the cost. No other search engine in the world can offer you all this services. This are just some of the Benefits you get by Advertising your Business with us IONKOSHER.com 


And there is more:

Customers can write reviews, post to our blog, receive newsletters and directly request information. This gives business owners the opportunity to directly connect with kosher foodies, someone planning their next kosher affair or vacation or just someone looking for help from a business.          

We act as the new modern Jewish phone book. We are essentially the Jewish Yelp. No matter your target audience, www.ionkosher.com will help you find it. So go ahead and create a listing today! Or let our professionals create one for you. Its only .35 cents per day or $10 per month (6 months minimum). A very inexpensive way to advertise your business, own your very own website and drive customers in.

www.ionkosher.com is your destination for the Jewish businesses, kosher restaurants and Jewish travel around the world. This directory was created in order to make the process of locating Jewish establishments more streamlines.  In turn, our business owners love our website because we make it easy to track a customer lead through our easy to find website search engine.

We are your Kosher Global Directory with the highest customer exposure & reach!  We are your Jewish information phone book.  The website is designed to allow you to offer coupons and deals. We make it easy for YOU!

In summary, our reviews are from real people like you. Our businesses have the opportunity to read and respond through our easy-to-use dashboard.

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Does Advertising Really PAY????

A man wakes up in the morning,

after sleeping on an advertised bed,

in advertised sheets. He will bathe in

an advertised tub, wash with

advertised soap, and have a breakfast

of advertised juice, cereal and toast.

He will toast his toast in an advertised toaster.

He will then put on advertised clothing,

and glance at his advertised watch.

He will drive to work in an advertised car

sit on an advertised desk, drink an advertised

coffee and write with an advertised pen.

Yet this man hesitates to advertise, saying

that advertising does not pay.

Finally,when his un-advertised business goes under,

he will advertise it for sale

In any form of advertising, there is one simple truth.

Most people will not see, read or need what you are advertising today.

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